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Business Exit Planning

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Planning Growth Through a Well-defined Exit Strategy

When you decide it is time for your business to exit the market or change gears, you need to protect the interests of your business and pave the way for future growth both for you as the seller and the new business owners or the new direction of your small business. There are many goals that surround the decision to sell a business or to change direction when running a business, but the primary goal is to keep business valuation in the forefront. Other types of exit strategies besides selling may involve a merger, acquisition, selling of stake or simply liquidation of assets. In the case of a well-performing business, the exit strategy should involve the company’s valuation to maximize realized profits. On the other hand, certain actions should also be taken to minimize losses and work through any financial issues currently pressing the company. With the help of an experienced small business accountant, you can be assured your small business exit plan will ultimately benefit your small business and any others involved.

If a merger or acquisition is in the works, the team at JTC CPAs specializes in helping prepare the business and the seller and the buyer what to expect. To make the transition go smoothly, there are many important details which will need to be provided from both parties that may go unnoticed without the help of experienced professionals in these deals. Our team of small business accounting professionals are here to help make the right decisions that will ultimately influence the well-being of the business in its current state and continuing into the future. Every step of the merger process is done in the best interest of you and your small business.

In simpler cases, there still may be tax implications which must be reviewed before further actions are taken. Our team of small business accounting specialists can help you walk through each detail and decide which plan of action may be better suited for you and for your small business in the long run. If you are the owner of a small business planning to sell or even to change directions, reach out to our team at JTC CPAs today!

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Other Business Accounting Services we offer:

Acquisition & Mergers
Business Exit Planning
Business Setup
CFO Services
Compilations & Reviews
Financial Planning
Forecasting & Budgeting
Payroll Processing
Tax Resolution

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We Are More than the Numbers, We Are the Solution

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At JTC CPAs, we look at more than just the numbers with you. We take time to counsel with you personally on all the details that go into business exit planning. After all, accounting is not in the numbers, it’s in the solutions. Finding your need and your motivation to reach your goals. Looking deeper to reach your potential. Asking bold questions to uncover the best solutions.

You can rely on JTC CPAs to guide you in all your business exit planning in Boise or the surrounding areas and throughout Idaho. With us, you can confidently work your way through the ups and downs of daily business life, stay up to date with the latest tax codes, and thrive in the small business arena. We are the solution.

Call now to see how discussing business exit planning with JTC CPAs in Boise can help your business grow!

Endeavor to Grow– call JTC CPAs!