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CFO Boost 2.0

CFO Boost Strategic Partnering For Small Business Owners

A well known fact, CFOs fill a very special leadership role in the development and evolvement for your small business. However, most small business owners operate as a one man show for various reasons. You stand to gain a great deal with CFO Boost. JTC CPAs offer a better solution to the one man show while honoring that independent vision for many small business owners.

From business leadership to cash flow and beyond, JTC CPA’s CFO BOOST 2.0 can transform your business while expanding your growth to help you progress more quickly and efficiently, offering a boost to your bottom line potential.

Need a Boost? Let’s Talk

cfo boost take off like a rocket

CFO Boost Industry-Specific Experience

Let’s face it, some of the daily operations of business ownership are passion killers. Not to mention the risk you take on as a business owner. When you add JTC CPAs as a member of your growth team, you will receive expert and experienced leadership to allow you to dive deeper into your passion and help you mitigate the risks involved with small business ownership.

To be nimble is to succeed and an experienced CFO keeps you informed about updated current market trends and how those trends affect your small business. Partnering with JTC CPAs CFO BOOST 2.0 will provide insights on how to transform your small business to navigate those trends successfully by taking daily, weekly or even monthly readings on the pulse of your small business and meeting with you on a flexible and regular basis to review successes and challenges as they occur.

Whether intrinsic or monetary, the value of an effective CFO for your small business is priceless.  Let JTC CPAs help you chart a path to growth and progress while adding value to your company both intrinsically and monetarily.

Like a booster shot for your small business, CFO BOOST 2.0 is JTC CPAs solution for your CFO outsourcing needs.

CFO Partner: No CFO on staff? No problem! Let JTC CPAs partner with you to fill that role. You will be glad you did!
CFO Interim Leader: Current CFO not the right fit? No problem!  Let JTC CPAs fill that role- let us support you during this transition.
CFO Special Project Manager: Current CFO spread too thin? No problem!  Let JTC CPAs fill that role- your special project will result in the growth and transform
you envision for your small business while conserving current resources and energy to allow your small business to thrive. We can help again and again.

CFO Partner

Focus on your passions while accessing flexible CFO features and options, on-going support and top talent including these key areas:

Cash Flow Analysis
Business Strategy
Risk Mitigation
Business Leadership
Financial Planning
Market Trend Analysis
Market Trend Solutions
Monetary Profit Potential
Intrinsic Profit Potential

Daily, Weekly or Monthly PULSE taker:
P=profits from cash and community impact
U=ultimate goals and overall vision benchmarks
L=loss of cash and community impact
S=scope of products and services
E=effectiveness of business strategies and design 

CFO Boost Interim Leader

Focus on maintaining leadership for your small business while you find a dependable replacement for your CFO:

Interim Needs Assessment
Transitioning Leadership
Interim Business Leadership
Stability Solutions

GAP support:
A=Asset assessment
P=Performance management 

CFO Boost Special Project Manager

Focus on your core business while gaining support for a special project to lead your company forward:

Specialized Management
Small Business Leadership
Project Analysis
Project Management

THRIVE support:
H=holding space