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Staff Accountant

Angelina Kassens



Meet Angelina

Angelina Kassens holds an Associate’s degree in Applied Accounting and has a profound passion for working with numbers. Her journey into the accounting field was ignited when she stepped in to assist her father-in-law with IRS issues, prompting her to delve into research and education in the domain.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Angelina finds joy in spending quality time with her husband, three children, and the diverse array of pets on her farm. Gardening and embracing the outdoors are additional pursuits that bring her fulfillment during leisure.

Angelina’s resilience shines through in her commitment to overcoming numerical challenges; her refusal to give up when the numbers don’t align showcases her dedication. Raised in a large family, she brings strong teamwork skills to her role at JTC, emphasizing collaboration as a key strength. Angelina’s blend of expertise, familial values, and a relentless passion for her work make her a valuable asset to the JTC team.