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Associate Manager

Brett Dether



Meet Brett

Brett Dether, a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Boise State University, discovered his passion for accounting during college. Having explored various fields, he identified accounting as his preferred career path. Focused on avoiding a mundane office routine, Brett sought a dynamic work environment with local and friendly colleagues, where he could gain diverse experiences to advance his career.

His strengths at JTC CPAs include dedication, honesty, and meticulous attention to detail. Brett’s commitment to his work, coupled with his integrity and precision, enhances his effectiveness within the firm. Beyond the professional realm, he is an outdoor enthusiast, indulging in activities like golf, hiking, and weightlifting during his leisure time. This well-rounded approach to life not only contributes to his personal well-being but also brings a diverse perspective to his professional endeavors. With a solid educational foundation and a commitment to both personal and professional growth, Brett Dether is poised to make valuable contributions to the field of accounting.