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Administrative Assistant

Jessica Eddy



Meet Jessica

Jessica Eddy, a Idaho native and University of Idaho graduate in Textiles and Design, is dedicated to serving clients in the accounting field. Her passion lies in offering comprehensive information to ensure clients’ confidence in JTC CPA’s services. She embraces the philosophy, “It’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years.”


Professional History




  • University of Idaho



Jessica Eddy is a professional with roots in Idaho, where she completed her secondary education at Parma High School. Her academic journey led her to the University of Idaho, where she specialized in Textiles and Design, demonstrating a commitment to excellence. Beyond her academic pursuits, Jessica channels her passion into the realm of accounting, particularly in providing comprehensive services to clients at JTC CPA’s. Her professional trajectory is marked by a dedication to delivering high-quality solutions and ensuring client confidence. Jessica’s journey is a testament to her professionalism, grounded in a solid educational foundation and a commitment to client-centric service.

Jessica Eddy excels in leveraging her expertise to assist and support clients effectively within the accounting field. Her core areas of proficiency include providing valuable assistance to individuals and delivering comprehensive information to address their specific needs. Jessica’s skills are particularly geared towards client service, ensuring their satisfaction and confidence in JTC CPA’s. Her expertise lies in creating a secure and informed environment for clients, making her a valuable asset in the realm of client-centric accounting services.

Jessica Eddy is ardently passionate about client service in the accounting field, with a focus on ensuring clients’ security and satisfaction. Her dedication lies in providing comprehensive information to address their needs within JTC CPA’s. Jessica’s commitment extends beyond routine tasks; she strives to foster a sense of security for clients, making them confident in the services offered by JTC CPA’s. This client-centric approach underscores her passion for delivering not just accounting solutions but a reassuring experience for those entrusting their financial matters to the firm.