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Embracing Disruption: KPMG’s Strategic Vision for AI and Innovation

    Originally Published September 8, 2023 – KPMG LLP is taking a bold step into the future with the establishment of an AI and Digital Innovation group, led by the newly named Vice Chair, Mr. Steve Chase. This strategic decision places technology leadership at the core of KPMG’s operations, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to innovation. Mr. Chase’s appointment also underscores his significant role within KPMG’s Management Committee, which is chaired by CEO Mr. Paul Knopp.

    Navigating AI’s Disruption: KPMG’s Strategic Embrace of Opportunity

    Mr. Knopp acknowledges AI’s disruptive potential for KPMG and professional services but emphasizes its opportunities. The AI and Digital Innovation group will lead an innovation agenda enhancing client service, transforming operations, and creating career prospects while upholding stakeholder trust.

    Chase will spearhead efforts to invest in and incubate new services and solutions for clients, integrate emerging technologies into existing services, enable internal transformation and new ways of working, and ensure KPMG maintains leading governance and responsible use programs. He will oversee KPMG’s AI Center of Excellence, which will encompass KPMG’s extensive AI client services, AI Innovation Lab and responsible use principles and policy, among other programs.

    In his response, Mr. Chase conveyed his honor of assuming the role and emphasized the remarkable team at KPMG. He stressed their commitment to propelling innovation across the organization through the systematic integration of AI, data, and emerging technology.

    Today’s announcement underscores KPMG’s continued commitment to AI advancements. Recent initiatives include the rollout of generative AI capabilities to all employees, enhancing productivity. Additionally, KPMG has strengthened its partnerships with Google and Microsoft. Steve Chase, the current Consulting Leader, is set to transition, with Atif Zaim assuming the role effective October 1.