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Top Four Services Provided by JTC CPAs

At JTC CPAs, we are ‘CPAs always adding value.’ Here are some of the core services that we provide for clients.

Skilled and Effective Tax Preparation

CPA offices have to excel at tax preparation if they want to keep clients. This is far and away one of the most fundamental and widely popular services that CPAs provide.

As an individual or as a business, you pay taxes year in and year out. Sometimes it seems like it never ends, and there’s never a break in the process. For those who have self-employed income and make quarterly payments, taxes are a year-round activity.

We provide skilled and effective tax preparation assistance for individuals and businesses. We listen to you and understand your financial picture

to get your taxes filed in a way that best serves your wallet and your peace of mind. That’s not a small job in today’s economy, especially with today’s tax code, but it’s a challenge we enjoy and are well prepared for.

Estate and Trust Services

Changes to family dynamics happen constantly. That means those who have accumulated net worth want to be able to pass it on in the right ways.

We help with estate and trust planning, as well as other end-of-life concerns. We take care to provide our clients with the very best financial services to help them plan well for every stage of their lives.

Forensic Accounting

Sometimes we call the “whodunit” form of our accounting services. Forensic accounting happens when there is some event or occurrence that’s unclear within the financial context. Then, there’s the need for discovery – for skilled and experienced personnel to go in and dig through the facts to come up with the numbers that matter.

We perform forensic accounting that is grounded in the best accounting practices, using different accounting methods and real-world practical skill. We know how to get to the bottom of those thorny mysteries that keep our clients awake at night: Where’s the money? What happened to the money? Why is the money in this or that bucket? We can answer all these tough questions and any other concerns you may have.

Business Valuation

Suppose you’ve built a business over time that has a significant amount of sweat equity… and then you want to sell the business. Business valuation really matters. How you put together your sale plan is based on a very detailed analysis of what a business is worth.

It’s not just equipment and assets – it’s also the value of data, the value of a customer network, and the ambiguous value of operations over time. We help you to get all of these disparate elements into clear and compelling value statements that accommodate an equitable deal.

Come to JTC CPAs for effective consulting and CPA services – we’re happy to see you!

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