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How Great Bookkeeping is Made

    Chances are, you’ve probably heard the old saying about finding out how the sausage is made, being applied to all kinds of processes from legislation to any kind of private sector process, but it kind of applies in our case, too.

    How do you “make” great bookkeeping? You have to start with some key ingredients that make your business work on a practical level and provide the very best services to the people who are paying you good money.

    The Right Knowledge

    Obviously, bookkeeping is a knowledge industry. People talk about knowledge work as a certain subsector of the economy, and we think that’s appropriate, because knowledge work is a specific kind of work.

    We’re not delivering a tangible product – what we’re delivering is the best expertise to help you and your household or business to navigate today’s insane tax world and come out on top.

    The American tax code is pages upon pages of confusing numbers and jargon that leap from one page to another in a maze of chaos. But with the right bookkeeping services and the right knowledge, figuring out annual filings and everything else can be as easy as 1, 2, 3…

    The Right Resources

    Let’s be honest – you can’t do taxes or payroll or any kind of accounting today without the right software.

    Excellent financial software is the perfect complement to in-house knowledge and talent. You have your professionals who understand the nuts and bolts of how tax accounting works – and then you have your computer software that does the automaton work of making sure that every number flows correctly to its spot on a multipage filing or a ledger.

    It’s humans and machines working together to deliver both pinpoint accuracy and control over the big picture – an intuitive view of what your finances look like, and how to optimize that every year.

    The Right People

    Aside from everything that we just talked about here, bookkeeping is essentially a ‘people’ industry.

    You might have all of the expertise and the right tools, but if you don’t know how to work with people, your firm may not be very effective at all.

    Another way to say this is that business takes place between people. So a large part of figuring out the best bookkeeping services involves taking a customized approach based on the individual customer and their needs, and how they work.

    When we look into annual filings or ledgers, we often see a person’s personality and outlook and worldview represented in those numbers. Business is creative. Business relies on personal initiative. And that means that the business accounting reflects that.

    Look for us in Boise, Idaho and at our new Chandler, Arizona office. We’re here for you!