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As leaders in the construction industry, you expect the best support and solutions to keep your crew and your company performing at the top. Our tax professionals know the intricacies of the newest tax forms and tax laws and how they will affect you such as Form 1099-MISC and the newly created Form 1099-NEC for maximizing tax efficiency. We make sure core accounting and bookkeeping tasks are executed correctly and at minimum cost, and we can help you comply with all state laws and local ordinances. Our tax experts work to lower your tax burden.

We help you solve the financial and operational problems of a cash business. To keep employees safe and product secure, we implement security programs and design internal controls to ensure compliance with all state laws, including taxation and licensing. Our security professionals also provide support against threats like embezzlement and robbery.

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Rapid change is commonplace for insurers and brokers alike. We support you through these challenges to help you streamline your operations, better manage workloads and employees, and meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements. 

Through experience and practical application, we can help you refine the systems and processes you currently have in order to maximize efficiency along with boosting workload and employee performance.

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The challenges that face consumer business owners are broad and can seem hard to manage, but with the right systems and processes in place, you can track everything from inventory to employee productivity while streamlining everyday operations at all levels from start-up to multigenerational companies.  There is a fine line to balancing products, prices and services and being sensitive to the needs of your customers while protecting your own margins.

We can help you make the right digital investments to keep you on pace and moving forward with the rest of the industry. We know you need to ensure multi-channel experiences and at the same time reduce inventory costs. Together, we help you formulate the winning strategies for your company as you gain a clear vision of where you are and where you want to go.

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Embracing the many complexities and challenges in a constant state of “new” normals, life science companies’ needs are centered around improving supply chain relations, regulatory compliance, and strategic systems to give them the competitive edge in a global marketplace.


We help you navigate these constant changes and keep you fit for battle on the business frontlines like choosing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that is just right for your company.  With our help, you can create a business culture that will support continued growth and expansion and help you maximize turnaround on R&D projects and keep you agile as you move through the complex details of your industry.

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Law firms & attorneys have specific guidelines that ensure compliance with industry standards. Especially for those who deal with trust accounts, it is critical to keep these accounts separated. Additionally, income and revenue should be differentiated correctly to balance out the books after factoring in costs related to an invoice. The costs associated with each invoice should be balanced out to keep the gross revenue and net income in balance with the rest of the company’s books. 

As we work together, we can help you build the correct systems and processes necessary to be compliant with the industry standards. Stay in control and keep an eye on your company revenues and income with our guidance.

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Restaurant and hotel owners are often in a fast-paced, service-centric environment. There’s not much time left over for taking care of books, making sure purchase orders are filled out and numbers match total expenses recorded in the books. 

However, this doesn’t need to be an obstacle for owners and their managers. Our team of accountants and bookkeepers at JTC CPAs are ready to assist you in whatever you may need to be successful.

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Retirement services, wealth management and investment professionals deal with a lot of bookkeeping and records management to keep company information aligned and correct. It’s especially important to differentiate accounts that belong to the company from those of clients. 

Regarding expenses, there should be reviews made to ensure that revenue from several accounts are first applied to associated expenses with invoices before factoring out net income. 


At JTC CPAs, we can help you with these important tasks and more.  As you care for your clients’ financial well being, we care for you.

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Companies involved in manufacturing understand how important the bottom line is to keeping the doors open. Daily operations revolve around large amounts of cash flow as there are thousands, even tens of thousands of moving parts within a factory line. 

Making sure that everything is properly accounted for is an important step to keeping the company operational. Other important tasks include reconciliation with bank statements, checking costs and expenses with purchase orders, and matching invoices with bank deposits as revenue and then income. 

Working together, we can solve your cash flow problems and help you to maximize daily operations by pinpointing weaknesses in the processes and systems you have and giving you guidance to strengthen and improve those weaknesses.

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Doctors, optometrists, and dentists need to make sure that their company is running smoothly in order to provide the best client experience possible. Their companies rely on high customer satisfaction, something only achievable if the people are involved and pay attention to the details. 

After a long days’ work, it may seem daunting to compile a list of expenses, record transactions or ensure on-time payments for the company’s liabilities. We help our clients in healthcare reduce the stress with our in-depth services, making sure they have the energy to give the best possible experience for each customers’ visit.

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Businesses involved in energy products or services, whether it be grid maintenance, solar panel sales or other energy-related work, know there can be a large volume of expenses and invoices with each new job. As an owner of an energy-related product or service company, you may even feel overwhelmed, at times, if you choose to do it all yourself. 

Our services range from bookkeeping, to year-end preparation and monthly reporting to help keep you on track and on top of your game. Contact us to discover how working with JTC CPSs can boost your bottom line and increase your impact.

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Marketing companies know what it takes to make sure their clients are seeing results. This may involve a lot of creative methods, which can incur many expenses over each invoice period. 

Tracking expenses and meeting deadlines can feel overwhelming sometimes, especially when trying to do everything alone or without a support team in place. You can feel in control of your bookkeeping with the help of JTC CPAs bookkeeping professionals, leaving them with time to meet your clients’ needs and achieve high customer satisfaction. 

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The customer experience is paramount in the entertainment industry. If people like what your company offers, they will most likely return and bring their friends along.As your company grows, you may experience immense pressure to maintain high standards of quality while keeping your business running smoothly. From an accounting standpoint, that can mean hours of reviewing accounts payable (AP), ensuring cash flow is sufficient to sustain operations and seeing that employees are paid consistently and on time. 

At JTC CPAs, our team of accountants understand what it takes to keep a business running smoothly and are ready to help our clients get their needs met in a timely manner.

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Business owners of professional services may be dealing with other business owners who have very strong opinions about how business should be done. This means that their reputation is constantly changing, either going up or down. 

In order to keep steady growth in these conditions, you must be involved on an ongoing basis and see what needs to be done in order to ensure that each client is served with professionalism and high quality of work.

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As a business owner in the technology industry, you need to be focused on constantly improving your product. The competition is actively engaged in research and development, making it necessary for owners to be committed to pursuing new ideas and processes. 

While being engaged in pushing boundaries, it may be hard to make time for accounting duties which need to be taken care of in a timely manner. Accounts payable, liabilities and invoices all need to be paid for or received every week so the business can operate efficiently. At JTC CPAs, we understand what it takes to process your important information while you focus on keeping your competitive edge and maintaining peak performance.

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