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“Growing Your Business is Our Business”

Phoenix AZ CPA | JTC CPAs in Atlanta

At JTC CPAs, we believe in proactive growth – We are a CPA firm providing accountants, CPAs, Tax Preparation, and Bookkeeping services in the Phoenix, AZ area.  Let our Certified Public Accountants work to meet all of your accounting needs.

Accountants – Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking for accountants in the Phoenix, AZ area?  For an Accountant to meet any of your business or personal Accounting needs Please call today.

CPA Firm – Phoenix, AZ

Need a CPA firm in the Phoenix, AZ area?  JTC offers Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to help with your Tax and accounting needs.

Tax Preparation – Phoenix, AZ

Having the right Tax Preparation expert is very important in making sure that you are meeting your tax obligations while keeping as much of your hard-earned money as you should.

Bookkeepers – Phoenix, AZ

JTC Bookkeepers offers professional Bookkeeping services for your business at an affordable price to keep your financials organized, and save you time if currently doing your own bookkeeping.

JTC Phoenix, AZ CPA

More than Just a Phoenix AZ CPA & Tax Service

Let’s face it- being an accountant dealing with tax services all day is monotonous. Even we couldn’t stand it without a little variation. That is why we offer a full range of accounting services to help you with your company. Whether you are just starting out or you have a well-established business, we can help you every step of the way. You shouldn’t feel limited to the quality of advice you receive, and we can give you that. The accountants at our Phoenix, AZ, CPA office are experienced in supporting small to medium-sized businesses just like yours. 

What does a Phoenix AZ CPA & accountant offer for my small business?

An accounting firm for your small business is crucial in making changes and building the financial foundation for growth. Any small business changes you are making with your company without an accountant is by far the risky path. With a proactive and knowledgeable accounting team by your side, you can take advantage of the opportunity to grow and manage the risks involved with growth while optimizing your financial situation. There are several issues that stem from ignoring your financial statements. If you are currently ignoring these, you need to put some time into studying such documents. With the help of our accountants in our Phoenix, AZ CPA office, you will be able to greatly improve your business decisions and manage the risks that come with business ownership.

Tax Planning designed for Small Business from Phoenix, AZ CPA

Our accountants serve small businesses and you, as a small business owner, walk you through tax planning step by step. As you are growing your business, there will be several changes each year to your tax situation. If you’re caught unprepared at tax time, you may miss out on several tax credits or even find yourself owing penalties. Instead of waiting until the last minute, you can partner with your Phoenix, AZ, CPA and make a plan ahead of time. We want to help you succeed and the best way to achieve your goals is by making a plan and following through.

What about a bookkeeper with a Phoenix AZ CPA?

That’s an excellent question. A bookkeeper is very important to the organization of your constantly changing business. Our bookkeeping team with our Phoenix, AZ CPA pays attention to the little details and makes sure you and your business are taken care of. Don’t let your receipts and invoices pile up in a cardboard box at the bottom of your desk filing drawer. Stay on top of your financial situation and you will be able to crush the competition with sales and output performance. 

What is your growth goal with a Phoenix AZ CPA?

Your small business is only as successful as your will to reach new goals. If you haven’t made goals, now is the time to set your marks. With your small business, you don’t want to move aimlessly. You want to crush the competition and have some fun with it. Our accounting team at the Phoenix, AZ CPA office is ready to help support your financial goals. Building a solid financial foundation will give you the boost to achieve your goals in a reasonable time frame. 

Are you going in alone?

We recommend having a trusted partner to help you make important decisions. Trying to make decisions alone in an uncertain environment can leave you feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Your small business needs you to build step by step. Choosing a Phoenix, AZ CPA to help guide you through the unfamiliar financial territory will boost your confidence. Your business will begin to have a higher level of growth and people will see that your products and services are high quality.

Ready for more?

We understand that you’re ready to build your business up. Maybe things are not taking off as you had hoped. It’s a common feeling that you’re spinning your wheels. Our team with the Phoenix, AZ CPA and bookkeepers can help you understand where your business is at and what would be your next steps. While it may not be a “set it and forget it” setup for your business, we can certainly talk you through steps to delegating and automating several processes and related financial implications.

What’s halting your growth without a Phoenix AZ CPA?

Our team of experts knows what it takes to overcome challenges. Are there cash flow issues, high overhead, or quality issues? Whatever the case may be, our accountants are ready to provide you with advice. We will help you jumpstart your business in whatever capacity we can. So now that you’ve figured out what stopping your business from growing, what’s next? We can discuss plans and give you ideas to get your business from where it is now, to where you want it to be. 

Elevated accounting for peak performance with help from Phoenix AZ CPA

Our accounting is a supercharged approach to your typical tax accounting firm. We don’t just prepare your taxes, we sit down with you and talk about it. We want you to feel comfortable discussing your tax concerns and answering any questions that you have. With your Phoenix, AZ CPA, we want to gain your confidence and provide you with the services you need to succeed. There’s always room for improvement, so please discuss with us anything you feel is holding you back from growth. We’re not only here to help you, but also to listen and serve.

Common Pitfalls In Small Business

Getting it all right on your first try requires a combination of skill and luck. Whether this is your first go-around or you’re a seasoned vet, don’t fall for these simple mistakes made by business owners throughout every industry. First and foremost, failure is not the enemy. While it may be uncomfortable, your past failures gave you valuable lessons and countless insights. Talk with your Phoenix, AZ CPA about past experiences and they will help you see the value in them. Your fear of failure may be holding you back from launching that new product line or specialized service ready to get you into the limelight. Second, know your products and services and how you will market them. Failing to understand the client or customer who will buy your product will only hinder your sales approach. Third, don’t let your cash flow issues get out of hand. If you’re spending too much on a service provider or inventory, you could be out of money before you even get started. 


“More than just accountants, JTC CPAs are my business counselors”


Traditional and non-traditional services and tax strategies including bookkeeping and payroll partners for your business.


Technology specialists that work to proactively increase your growing company’s needs.


Technology specialists that work to proactively increase your growing company’s needs.

Business Functions

Technology specialists that work to proactively increase your growing company’s needs.

Helping Small Businesses Grow

JTC CPAs believe small business owners deserve the most focused approach our firm has to offer. We are constantly seeking better ways to boost your company’s growth. Our level of genuine concern and consideration for every detail of your business is our top priority.  We have Accountants, CPAs, Bookkeepers, and Tax Preparation Professionals in Phoenix, AZ ready to work with you to help manage all of the accounting needs of your business.




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Life Sciences

Law Firm

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CFO Boost 2.0

Strategic Partnering For Small Business Owners

Many small businesses have no one leading at the financial helm. A full-time CFO may seem out of reach for most small business owners, but without the financial leadership of an experienced CFO, a small business is less likely to succeed long term. Or maybe the current CFO isn’t the right fit, and you need to fill a void caused by a sudden exit. Or you have a special project that is critical to your business growth and you need a focused approach to manage that project successfully and not spread your current CFO too thin.

Whatever your business needs from a CFO, allow JTC CPAs to step into that CFO leadership position and chart a course for successful growth for your small business. With several platforms available, explore the many options JTC CPAs offer to put CFO leadership in place for your business.

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