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Role of Remarketing in Small Business

    In the world of advertising, there is a new “buzzword” going around. Targeting previous visitors of your website in marketing efforts, or “remarketing”, is proving to be an effective tactic in your marketing campaign. According to a survey by Mailchimp, “around 97% of visitors… leave and never return to a website”.

    You should focus on those who have already seen your brand before. For returning website visitors, it’s something they will more readily recognize. Brand recognition, an element of marketing, also helps with remarketing. Someone who sees your brand for the first time may not initially trust or recognize it. Building trust and recognition both take time, focus and dedication to achieve your goals. When consumers begin to recognize your brand, they will also place more trust in your brand. Increased recognition and trust lead to greater results in your marketing efforts. role of remarketing in small businessKnowing where to focus your marketing efforts will increase your efficiency and optimization. According to Canadian-based marketing agency Wishpond, remarketing efforts are among the most effective methods, helping your customers become 70% more likely to convert when shown a display ad. Don’t miss out on opportunities to find clients who have previously shown interest in your blog. They will be able to help you make things move forward and improve your marketing campaigns.

    Spending time working with previous online visitors also grows over time as you focus more on this target audience. Some referring websites will have better performance than others, and you can narrow down which sites drive the most traffic to your website. Put extra effort into making sure that your ad spend goes towards the best performing individuals. Remarketing your ads gives you a competitive edge. Don’t waste another dollar on poor-performing pay-per-click ads.

    Your ad effectiveness depends on how well the need is presented. When an ad is effective, people generally believe that it fulfills a product or service missing in their life. You want to show them they need what you have by keeping track of their past history while visiting your site, and then when they are visiting a domain with referring ads, you can suggest something that they may want to see or believe they will need. Thus, you will greatly benefit from remarketing these people as you plan your marketing campaign.