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The Competitive Edge: Outsourced CFO Services

When cash reserves are tight and important financial decisions need to be made, as a small business owner, and especially if you are a solopreneur, you can feel the strain. You may ask yourself, “Do I hire a professional with expertise in this part of the decision making process? Should I just make the best guess given the circumstance?” Additionally, you may want a second opinion before making a big purchase or signing on that big deal.

Giving yourself the competitive edge by outsourcing CFO services with JTC CPAs can benefit your small business by providing expertise in areas you may feel unprepared and free up time for serving customers and making sales. From reading a monthly profit and loss report to fixing cash flow problems, your business will benefit from another set of eyes, particularly with improved financial stability. Don’t stress about knowing the difference between an asset and a
liability, or which costs can be cut down. Let us help you see the bigger picture and recognize which parts you need to pay attention to the most. Be sure that your business is ready to go and rely on the expertise that you need.

Reading a monthly profit and loss statement can look like a lot of numbers and figures to many small business owners. It may even seem cryptic to those who are unfamiliar with the accounting aspect of business. As part of our outsourced CFO services, an experienced accountant can help educate you to determine what you need to know. If your liabilities have suddenly grown without your knowledge or intention, it’s possible that mistakes were made in the bookkeeping prior to making the profit and loss statement. This type of oversight and other issues can be resolved with frequent review of your company’s financial statements, so accuracy can be ensured and ready if and when an investor comes calling.

The process of fixing cash flow problems is not a one size fits all miracle solution. Rather, our accountants who help with outsourced CFO services can help you identify root causes and propose multiple ways to find a resolution. Some of the leading causes of cash flow problems may start with too many variable costs, growing debt but diminishing revenue, or lack of productive output. Don’t let yourself or others involved panic in these situations, but remember to remain calm and look for solutions rather than fixate on the problem.

Feeling cash-strapped can weaken your motivation to drive your business forward. You may feel like you will drown in the waves of competition. We can help you and your business beat down those waves and come back stronger.

Whatever your reason may be for choosing outsourced CFO services at JTC CPAs, we will work to make sure that your experience is our priority. Our vision is to provide you with the best outsourced CFO services possible so you are seen and heard, feel important and that your problems can be resolved. Don’t focus on the issues; just remember that we welcome the challenges you bring to the table. You are always welcome to reach out to JTC CPAs and we are more than happy to help!

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We Are More than the Numbers, We Are the Solution

At JTC CPAs, we look at more than just the numbers with you. We take time to counsel with you personally on all the details that go into outsourced CFO services. After all, accounting is not in the numbers, it’s in the solutions. Finding your need and your motivation to reach your goals. Looking deeper to reach your potential. Asking bold questions to uncover the best solutions. You can rely on JTC CPAs to guide you in all your Small Business Outsourced CFO needs. With us, you can confidently work your way through the ups and downs of daily business life, stay up to date with government regulations, keep employees paid, and thrive in the small business arena. We are the solution.

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