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Tax Return Preparation

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Stress Less About Your Taxes

One of the struggles you may have noticed as a small business owner is finding the balance between servicing the daily demands of customers and tracking the daily financial information that will be used each year to file your taxes, both for your business and for yourself. Let JTC CPAs help you keep your financial information organized and stress less about being ready for tax filings each year.

Successful small business tax return preparation begins with the end in mind and involves steady and regular communication between the client and the tax preparation specialist. When you become one of our clients, we check, we double-check, and we triple-check to make sure your financial “ducks” are in a row. And when tax filing season is here, we work hard so you can worry less.

With helpful services like bank reconciliation, you can be assured that the information you give to your bank and the information your bank gives to you is accurate and up to date. This service will give you peace of mind each month and especially each year, knowing that everything needed for the accurate preparation of your small business tax returns is readily available and easy to find. At JTC CPAs, we also stay current on all the tax code updates during each new tax year and work to communicate how those tax code updates will affect you and your small business.

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We Are More than the Numbers, We Are the Solution

At JTC CPAs, we look at more than just the numbers with you. We take time to counsel with you personally on all the details that go into bookkeeping. After all, accounting is not in the numbers, it’s in the solutions. Finding your need and your motivation to reach your goals. Looking deeper to reach your potential. Asking bold questions to uncover the best solutions. You can rely on JTC CPAs to guide you in all your small business bookkeeping needs or surrounding areas and throughout Idaho. With us, you can confidently work your way through the ups and downs of daily business life, stay up to date with government regulations, keep employees paid, and thrive in the small business arena. We are the solution.

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