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Tax Services

We are experts in tax preparation, estate tax planning, and tax services that integrate small businesses and financial planning.  Our goal is for our clients to have the best tax outcome possible over time by using our tax planning and compliance services.  


Our individual tax services are affordable.  Our basic charge for a simple 1040 is under $200.  Our average individual tax return charge in 2019 was $375, including e-filing whenever possible.  All of the returns we prepare are reviewed and signed by a licensed professional, so you have the comfort of knowing that your tax return is processed by someone you can turn to every year with confidence.

Compliance services

Every return is put through a review process to be sure it is correct, and the appropriate amount of tax is due.  We provide you a file copy of all of your returns in a storage folder together with all of your original documents in a file envelope for your safekeeping.  We keep electronic file copies of all of the information needed to support your return. If you would like, we will meet with you again and discuss your return before it is e-filed to be sure that you understand the tax implications of your return.  We are also happy to answer your questions on your past tax returns.

Planning Services

Planning begins with listening. We meet with you to understand your needs and special circumstances.   We provide our clients with ideas that help implement the best tax strategy in the circumstances. There are many ways to plan for your future, and we can help you choose what is best suited for you and your needs.  

Estates & Trusts

We offer tax preparation for trusts and estates and will coordinate with attorneys and bankers as requested.  Before meeting to discuss your options, we review your information to be prepared to make suggestions about wealth management, meeting long-term financial goals and security, and minimize tax payments.  

There is a great deal of planning that should be done before filing the first return of an estate or trust.  We can help you make the proper elections for your circumstances. If you are creating a trust, we can provide you or your attorney advice about the proper structures to achieve certain tax results.  We also review existing estate plans for their tax structures and provide advice about achieving the best tax structure possible.  


We prepare federal, state, and local tax returns for businesses of all sizes.  Our clients range from small sole proprietors to organizations with millions of dollars in sales, multi-state, and international operations.  Our tax preparers have worked with organizations in many different industries, and your tax professional will understand your business and its industry context.  We are able to do any year end accounting that may need to be done so your return will be finished promptly and thoroughly.

Tax Representation

Whether or not you or your entity have been clients, we will represent both individuals and entities when they have a case or controversy with the IRS, whether it is an audit, an appeal of an audit, or a case in the US Tax Court.  We have experience representing people and entities in all phases of these controversies.  

We also provide settlement negotiation services if you have a tax debt.  We can help you arrange payment plans and submit offers in compromise for back taxes due.

We can help no matter the situation, please call us and provide us the notices you have received and we will work on your case quickly and thoroughly.


An LLC can elect how it should be taxed, and we help you make that decision.  For LLCs that elect to be taxed as S or C corporations, we provide all tax compliance services. For LLCs electing to be taxed as a disregarded entity, we can do the bookkeeping and tax accounting to be sure you are properly reporting this business on your personal income tax return.


Our tax experts have prepared many annual federal 990 returns, and state reports of nonprofit corporations.  We can meet all of the regular nonprofit business needs (such as payroll, budgeting, planning, and other services).  We recognize the special benefits all nonprofits provide to our community, and make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible so that the organizations can devote more of their resources to their nonprofit mission.

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