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Why is Bookkeeping so important for success in a small business?

    According to Economic Innovation Group, 5.4 million new business startups were filed in 2021. However, statistics have shown that over 49% ( of businesses are insolvent or bankrupt before their fifth year in operation. What factors into their failure, and how can you keep your business thriving? Choosing to stay on top of your bookkeeping will certainly help you to continue beyond the five-year mark.

    At first glance, there may appear to be an insurmountable amount of work for your small business bookkeeping. How can you tackle this workload and still give your clients the attention they need? Let JTC CPAs help you with small business bookkeeping, whether it be every two, four, or fifty-two weeks, we understand what it takes to be able to keep your business on top of things. As our team pays attention to the details, you can find peace of mind and reduce your stress load as you manage your growing business.

    What sort of small business bookkeeping packages do we offer? If you are interested in our services, we invite you to sit down with a member of our accounting team and discuss the options that will best suit your needs. For monthly bookkeeping, we offer a range of involvement with your books, from inputting transactions line-by-line to reconciling with Quickbooks Online software. If your small business bookkeeping is very simple and you feel that once a year is sufficient, we can help you make a spreadsheet that reflects your business expenses and easily wrap things up for you.

    What have our clients said about our small business bookkeeping services? Charles says, “What amazing people and spot-on accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation!” Jordan T. writes, “[The] team was patient and extremely knowledgeable while showing me the ropes to bookkeeping” Neil Twa shares “I am very happy with the payroll, bookkeeping, account and financial tax planning that I’ve been given.”

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to JTC CPAs today about any questions you may have regarding small business bookkeeping and how it could benefit your business!